LumaSoothe 1 Combo


Our Promise:

LumaSoothe is the result of over 30+ years of experience in the LLLT industry by our founding partners and represents our commitment to help our fellow pet owners and their pets! Your LumaSoothe is warranted against manufacturing defects for 2 full years from the date of purchase!

Whats in the box:

  • LumaSoothe Treatment Unit.
  • 2 - Interchangeable Treatment Modules.
  • USB charger & cable.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Travel Bag
Your LumaSoothe is warranted against manufacturer defects for 2 full years from the date of purchase. LumaSoothe will promptly repair or replace any defective device during the warranty period.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews


Posted by Stephanie on Mar 3rd 2022

I’m honestly surprised by this product, I didn’t think it was going to do much for my poor dog that would limp for months and have a good week or two. He would have so much trouble getting up from laying down, and it was sad to see him like that, but this has helped him so much. I felt so hopeless, I’ve given him CBD, he was on pain medication(which of course a vet prescribed him), and I bough him a knee brace, but nothing was really helping. I can honestly say that this has helped him so much, he’s jumping off the bed, running and not limping, and enjoying himself again! Not only that, but it has relived me of so much stress because seeing him in pain made me feel horrible, and he’s also off his pain medication (which could cause health problems in the future). I’m so glad I found this product and tried it, it’s pricy but is completely worth it.

Excellent Therapy Method for Home Use

Posted by Min Filban on Feb 10th 2022

My 15 year senior goes in for weekly therapy treatment for arthritis. Obviously this product can’t compare to professional grade equipment but this is quite nice for home use in between the sessions. My Baby enjoys it and I use it on my neck as well.


Posted by Sue on Aug 15th 2021

The cold laser has help my dog to make a full recovery after having surgery on both of her acl .At 5 week on the left leg she was well enough to have her right leg done. Three days after right leg acl surgery dog was walking up and down steps without help. I use the Luma Soothe 2 to 3 times a day for 30 minutes each time. Can’t say enough great thing’s about the Luma Soothe.

Miracles do happen

Posted by Rachel G and Charlie B on Jun 14th 2021

My mom is so skeptical, and she said "wow, look at the improvement!" I am so happy that he is getting some relief and movement.

Great product

Posted by Susan Quinn on Jun 3rd 2021

I use this everyday on my dog with hip dysplasia, she just lays and let me use it on her. Thank you for the great product.

Amazing Product

Posted by Misty Thomas on Oct 19th 2020

I whole heartedly believe that this is what has helped my dog to heal enough to be able to walk again! After just 4 days, I began seeing the difference in her. I can not thank you enough!!

Great Addition To My Canine Therapy Practice & Safe For At Home Use

Posted by Suzanne OBrien on Aug 2nd 2020

I’m a canine therapist and began using this device at my veterinarians recommendation on my dog with spinal trauma prior to shifting careers and helping our fur kids heal with complimentary holistic treatments. My clients love the tool for in between therapy sessions.

Great home therapy option

Posted by Cristina C on Jun 18th 2020

I used it on my kitty who’s getting daily injections of a very irritating medication that caused generalized inflammation and small sores. I only used the skin therapy head piece and after just 2-3 days of once daily 15 min sessions his all pink/red skin turned back to the normal grey color (he’s a shaved grey kitty). I noticed a moderate improvement in the elasticity of his skin after about 5-7 days. His leathery skin became soft again and easier to pinch for the injections. There was a minimal increase in speed of healing for the smaller sores. Had I kept up the daily treatments I think his skin would have gone back to normal even while continuing the injection treatments, unfortunately life got in the way of staying consistent. Overall I’m so happy with the purchase!

Nifty Device

Posted by Jennifer Doss Davis on Jul 1st 2019

This device is super easy to use and what I like about it is that is not intimidating to the animal. It’s small and fits in your hand so my dog didn’t freak out. The product appears to be well made. I researched a lot before I bought this and the owner was so helpful. Customer service is really great and the price is right.