LumaSoothe 2 Combo


Our Promise:

LumaSoothe 2 is the result of over decades of experience in the light therapy industry by our founding partners and represents our commitment to help our fellow pet owners and their pets! Your LumaSoothe 2 is warranted against manufacturing defects for 2 full years from the date of purchase!

What's in the box:

  • LumaSoothe 2 Treatment Unit.
  • Multi-Function Treatment Head (Installed on unit)
  • Charging Base
  • USB charger
  • USB-C Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual
Your LumaSoothe 2 is warranted against manufacturer defects for 2 full years from the date of purchase. LumaSoothe will promptly repair or replace any defective device during the warranty period.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Noticeable relief for allergic cat

Posted by lp0782 on Feb 21st 2023

My Toby cat has debilitating environmental allergies that cause his paw pads to swell up. A vet tech friend mentioned that her clinic uses LumaSoothe to treat their resident cat’s similar symptoms. I was initially skeptical, but placed an order out of desperation.

One interesting thing I immediately noticed was my Toby’s unexpected willingness to sit through treatments. He grew up as a feral kitten and abhors being handled. After a few days, I was surprised to find that the chronic bruised callouses on my palm (from using a rowing machine) had faded away as a resulted of holding Toby’s paws during treatments.

Over time, two LumaSoothe sessions a day seemed to reduce the duration of his swelling episodes by a third to a half. It is time consuming, especially when multiple paws are afflicted, but completely worth it!


Posted by Michele on Feb 21st 2023

We were spending $50 a visit at the vet for
Laser therapy on our dog’s back. She has degenerative spine disorder where her discs are collapsing. After about 4-5 uses her back is now half the size it was. We can’t believe how inflamed she was and how much relief this has given her. She is acting like a puppy again and she is turning 14 this month.
I used it every night for about a week as instructed starting low and going longer and now I’ve been doing it every 3 nights or so and she is feeling great! She literally looks and acts. Like a different dog!
I highly recommend this product!!
I wish we would have found this product before spending thousands of dollars on lazar therapy and stem cell replacement.


Posted by AC on Feb 21st 2023

I rescue medical dogs/cats that don't have other options (aside from euthanasia, usually) and this device has literally changed the way I rehab my fosters post-operatively as it significantly reduces the recovery time and pain meds needed. The automatic turn-off once the 15-minute sessions have completed is such a bonus!, it charges quickly AND retains the charge for countless sessions!!!! Customer service is TOP-NOTCH! I will NEVER not own multiple LumaSoothe devices--it pays for itself in 2 treatments and I'm usually doing 4-6/daily on various fosters! You will not regret this purchase--the convenience of doing this in-home vs the vet's office is worth every penny!!!!!!!!!


Fast relief!

Posted by Rosanna D. on Feb 15th 2023

Used it for my dog after he landed on it wrong and after 15 mins it was like nothing ever happened! I would highly recommend. I even use it on my own aches and pains and it works great!


Posted by Linn on Feb 15th 2023

I can only call this a little hand held miracle! Been using this for about a week & already seeing my dog slowly respond. I highly recommend this product.


Posted by María C. on Feb 14th 2023

Excelente terapia para mascota.

Really worth it

Posted by Andrew M. on Feb 14th 2023

Got this based on the reviews to try it out for my dog who would limp and the doctor recommended physical therapy but decided to try this out and after a few times of doing this therapy my dog has been able to run and walk with no more issues. If I see them limping slightly I just redo the therapy and they are fine

It’s helping my cats arthritis

Posted by EGE on Feb 14th 2023

My 15 year old cat has had arthritis in her shoulder for years but recently started limping badly on her rear hip. After using once a day the past 2 weeks I have noticed a big improvement in her movements! She seems to enjoy the treatment. I will continue to use daily.


Posted by Aleta on Feb 14th 2023

I love this.. I received this yesterday and started to use it on my 14 yr old shihtzu.
She loves it.. it relaxed her and she fell asleep.. I know her back and neck are better.
Thank you..